Rokolectiv 2008

March 10, 2008


11 aprile / Session / 22h00
An on Bast [PL]
Pantha du Prince [DE]
Dat Politics [FR]
Underground Resistance [US]
The Model [RO]
[After] Dandy Jack & Sonja Moonear [CH/ CL]
Vali Chincisan / SKVJS [RO] / Suso33 [ES]

12 aprilie / Session / 22h00
Tom Wilson [RO]
Kalabrese pres. The Rumpelorchestra [CH]
Mungolian Jet Set [NO]
Elektrofant [NO]
Bjorn Torske [NO]
Dreamrec [RO]
[After] Magda [PL] [Sunrise event / not included]

13 aprilie/ MNAC/ 18h30
Mira Calix [UK]
Sillyconductor [RO]
Planningtorock [UK]
Khan of Finland [DE]
Daedelus [US)
Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam [FR]

Pass festival: 75 RON / 3 zile (numar limitat)

Bilet festival: 35 RON / zi / numai la fata locului

detalii despre festival si artisti


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