Ontour SS09

February 21, 2009




‘What goes Ontour stays Ontour’
Ontour is a contemporary streetfashion brand established in 2005 by Etienne Dekkers and Remco van der Velden.
Both friends met at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) sharing the same passion for music, art, parties and
streetculture. Their unstoppable flow of creativity really came to life when they decided to go “ontour” and show
the ideas and work to the people around them. After this first succesful trip they hit the road to some exciting
cities abroad. Soon Ontour became a never ending story and every season something else goes “Ontour”.
Each collection tells another visual story based on one striking theme.
“We try to push boundaries and keep exploring new areas to surprise people who decide to check in and travel
with us. We create products that appeal to ourselves and our passengers rather then fulfill the expectations of
others. Further down the road we see Ontour as a company who will develop a broad apparel and accessoires line
for both men and woman with an intens focus on design, details and materials.
Besides, the most important thing is to develop gear that relate to everything we do and belief in: ”Friendship,
staying true to yourself, humor, ambition, creation and innovation.”
From day one Ontour followed an international perspective and quickly expanded worldwide into fine selection
of stores. At this moment Ontour is available in about 12 countries and are closely working with an excuisit team
of distributors and retailers. Ontour products are mainly sold in specialty stores; a healthy mix of streetwear and
fashion boutiques are chosen carefully. Recently Ontour opened their flagship store in their home city Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

thanks Etienne!



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